SyGA (link)
My project Bachelor's thesis

Graph algorithm visualization tool - GUI with code editor and graph visualizer. The code is in Python and runs in Docker. The engine uses a debugger to automatically generate the visualization with minimal input from the programmer (few lines).

Technologies Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Python, NetworkX, Docker, Vue.js
Phillip (link)
Customer AmiNet s.r.o. (while working for CREANET, a.s.)

IoT management platform, which integrates 2N, Chastia and Molekula devices. My task was to design the data model, implement REST API in Node.js, PostgreSQL database, integrations (as separate services, also Node.js) and admin panel in Vue.js.

Technologies Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Vue.js (admin panel) (link)
Customer LUNYS, s.r.o. (while working for CREANET, a.s.)

Eshop with groceries, integrations with already existing systems.

Different products for different markets: Poprad and Bratislava.

Thousands of orders weekly.


PHP, MariaDB, WordPress, WooCommerce, JavaScript

Kidoodle VEWD Smart TV App (link)
Customer Parent Media Co. Inc. (while working for CREANET, a.s.)

Smart TV app running on VEWD devices used for video streaming of movies, series and Youtube videos for kids. Written in Vue.js, using native HLS capability of VEWD devices.

Technologies Vue.js, Babel, Webpack, VEWD TV Emulator, VEWD TV Simulator
Fumbi Trading Desk (link)
Customer Fumbi Network j. s. a. (while working for CREANET, a.s.)

App for creating bulk transactions on several cryptocurrency markets.

Front-end: Transaction management, balance tracker, rate tracker, transaction history, trade statistics.

Back-end: Transaction planning and execution, history database, REST API.


Vue.js, Babel, Webpack, Node.js, Express.js, Ccxt, PostgreSQL